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Peeling skin on the fingertips is a relatively common problem, but that doesn't necessarily mean that treating it is easy! Numerous different factors can lead to peeling skin on the fingertips, you see, and they don't all respond to the same remedies, of course. In some cases, this symptom can even be the sign of an underlying more serious medical problem, and therefore, it is important to see your doctor if your condition doesn't improve with self-care.

Environmental Factors

If the skin on your fingertips is peeling and sore, and you have not experienced this problem before, you will first want to explore the possibility that environmental factors are to blame. These include over-exposure to heat, cold, or damp conditions. Exposure to certain chemicals, materials, or cosmetic ingredients can also cause contact dermatitis, in which a rash and itching will accompany your peeling skin. 

Anyone who begins noticing peeling skin, in the presence or absence of other symptoms, should first ask themselves whether any of these environmental factors could be to blame. Try wearing gloves to protect yourself from chemicals and cold weather, and cease the use of any new cosmetics and soaps that could be behind your peeling skin. Avoid biting your nails and picking at peeling skin, as these things will inevitably prolong and worsen your symptoms. Apply a nourishing hypoallergenic hand cream a few times a day. 

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections of different kinds — including hand ringworm, Jock Itch, and Tinea Nigera — can also be responsible for peeling skin on your fingertips. Since fungal infections are such a common cause of this problem, anyone who experiences peeling skin on the fingertips should consider purchasing an over the counter antifungal cream, or alternatively treating their hands with natural antifungals, such as tea tree oil or vinegar. 

Hand Dermatitis

More commonly known as hand eczema, hand dermatitis is another condition that can lead to peeling skin on the fingertips. It can be caused, as we already saw above, by contact with environmental irritants, but hand dermatitis can also be genetic or idiopathic in nature. Eczema will often lead to swollen and very dry hands on which a rash is present, in addition to causing peeling skin. The treatment consists of avoiding contact with (potential) irritants as much as possible, keeping the skin hydrated, and using topical steroids where necessary. 

Other Causes Of Peeling Skin On The Fingers

Autoimmune diseases such as lupus and psoriasis, genetic disorders such as acral peeling skin syndrome, and even cancer and cancer treatment are all alternative explanations for peeling skin, including on the fingertips. In addition, peeling skin can also be one of the side effects of a medication you are taking. 

Should your symptoms not improve quickly when you take care to avoid exposing your skin to harsh weather conditions and chemical irritants, after frequently moisturizing your skim, and after using an antifungal cream, you should see your primary care physician for diagnosis, after which treatment recommendations can be tailored to your needs. 

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