I usually have pretty normal menstrual cycle (28 days. +/- 2). But this month i noticed something a bit off.

My bleeding period is normally 5 days and rarely hits 6 days. But this month my period came 1 day late than predicted day (with normal 28 days cycle) and now it's day 8. I usually noticed my end of period when there's a quite dark blood with strong odor came out and after that usually the blood is totally stop and there goes my period. 

But this month that dark blood already came on day 5, so like usual i wear panty liner for another day just to be safe and it's clean. Yet on night of day 6 i noticed a damp feeling down there and wipe it out and i saw some blood. So from day 6 to today the blood is still there but very light and only when i wipe it. I try to put finger inside to check and there still blood in there where i thought it supposed to stop. The blood is red anyway, not dark.

I am quite worry as this is my first time experiencing this. I'm 29y.o and planning to get pregnant within these months. The only birth control method we use is coitus interuptus. The last intercourse i had is about 7 or 10 days before my period day 1.

Any idea whether i should worry about this? Because i'm quite stressful since we planned to conceive during this month ovulation period. With this blood still comes out means my ovulation schedule will change too, won't it?

I also experience light stomach cramp, low back pain, leg/thigh pain, tiredness/drowsiness, migraine.

It's quite difficult to see my Ob/Gyn since i'm in another city right now for the whole month.

I'll really appreciate any insight on this. Thank you