I'm assuming it has to do with my birth control I had but wanted to get some opinions. Let me give you my history. 

I got my nexaplanon taken out in later October, while having it I didn't have a period for almost three years, the first two months after the removal I didn't have my period, which was expected, then I had to take plan b in December and had the "forced" period. After that was done with I didn't have a period until April of this year. So basically this would be my first real period after taking the implant out. The last month has been on/off. I'd go a week of nothing, then start up, then it started to be days of nothing then starting.. but for the past two weeks I've had somewhat of a heavy period. This past week has been very heavy with a lot of big clots.  My question is, is this normal? To bleed on and off for 2 months straight and for it to be heavy bleeding for two weeks? Is this normal after being on birth control for so long and having no period for almost 3 years? Thank you! :)

Oh and I'm 24 years old! Before I went on birth control I used to have irregular cycles as in I'd skip a period or two, I at first went on it to regulate my periods.