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Alrighty folks! First a little bit of background. I am 24 years old and TTC with my husband. I have an extremely regular period, normally a 30 day cycle. My period was two weeks late as of yesterday. I woke up yesterday morning with very, very faint brownish pink blood that only came off when I went to the bathroom and wiped - nothing would go into the toilet after I went. I figured this was the start of my period since it normally is very light for the first hour or so and then I have heavy bleeding for two to three days. All day the flow has been varying between light pink to brown. There have been no clots or red blood.

Since I am so late I already took two hpt. I took the first one five days after my missed period and the second one five days later. Both of these tests were negative. I called my GYN but was asked to come in for a test after I missed a second period. The second missed period would be December 22 so that is a little bit of a ways off.

I have had various pregnancy symptoms but they are also the ones that could denote an oncoming period. My breasts are sore and very tender, and my husband has told me the look bigger. There has been slight swelling around the nipple but no increase of pigmentation. I have had off and on nausea, light back pain, rapid onset headaches and some food aversion (mostly to wheat thins and tuna fish of all things!).

I've searched online and can't really find out any information regarding a situation like this. If anyone has any suggestions or has been in a similar situation I'd love to hear from you!


Because your period is always normal, always the same, and always on time... and now you're late, I would venture to say your pregnant. Unless of course there's something really stressful going on in your life, or some dramatic change in your life? Some people miss periods due to stress.

Some people can still have their monthly period when they're pregnant, I had a friend who didn't know she was pregnant for 5 months because she kept getting her period. Because it's so much lighter it could just be a little spotting which is not uncommon during early pregnancy either... but it could also be the signs of a miscarriage.

Realistically, the best thing to do would be to see your doctor, you may not be able to go to the GYN right away, but what about booking an apt with your GP? They can issue pregnancy tests as well via blood which are more accurate than urine testing.

My caution would be that 'IF' you are pregnant... are you taking medication, birth control, smoking, drinking alcohol... anything that could possibly cause problems for your 'baby'? If so, it's wise to find out right away so that you can make those decisions.