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I use the copper IUD (for about 4 months now) and recently have missed one . which has left me confused. The first two weeks late i was concerned and decided to buy a pregnancy test, lucky me it came out negative. But now i am heading to my fourth week late. Yes, i have contacted my OB/GYN which sent me today to Quest to get some blood work to check on my hormones level. What is happening? She mentioned someting about blood clots and checking my hormones level, etc. Is someting serious going on that i should know? She should get the results (blood work) tomorrow but i can't wait.

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Sometimes certain birth control can stop or slow down the flow of your period....I have had an IUD in for about four years before taking it out, and it stopped my periods almost all together...Maybe every 3 months or so I might have one, but it only lasted a couple days...So my suggestion to you would be, if your not pregnant, and nothing else is going on, dont worry and enjoy being almost period free!!!