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hi, can you please help me?

Normally, a couple days before my cycle begins, i know when it's near because i get a few sharp burst of pain just under my navel area. When it does arrive, that when the real challenge starts, my symptoms are usually Really bad cramps, back pains, belly pains, really tired, lost of appetite, diorreahea , inability to stand properly for more than 10 mins!

I've tried the recommended tablets, with not much luck, i was even recommended by my physician, birth control. The one i tried was Yaz, but i didn't like the effect it had on me, so i stopped taking it. The only relief i get, somehow, is from ice cream, yes, Ice Cream!

Can you please help me?


Hi there! I know exactly the feeling you're talking about. I have the same thing. Here are some natural remedies you could try. Black Cohosh: Said to be very effective in the treatment of menstrual pain, this herb is usually taken as a tablet over a period of a few months. However, in some women it can cause upset stomachs and heavy bleeding during periods, so be careful not to exceed the recommended dose. Raspberry Leafs: Usually drank as a tea, raspberry leaf provides pain relief and helps ease heavy periods. Ginger: Extremely useful in easing cramps and nausea during menstruation, ginger root steeped in hot water and drank once or twice daily is one of the most popular remedies for period problems. Feverfew: Can be taken by ingesting the leafs but normally taken in tablet form, feverfew is thought to be the best herbal remedy for easing hormone induced headaches. Yarrow: In Germany, Yarrow is an officially approved method for the treatment of period pain. It can be taken as a tablet or drank as a tea and helps to ease pain and heavy periods. Chamomile: A classic remedy for period pains, chamomile tea is also effective for relaxation and is said to help induce calm. Lavender, seems especially effective when used as a bath oil. As well as soothing pain, lavender can relive stress and smells gorgeous. I noticed that healthier eating habits help to ease the menstrual pain. Two year ago I was on a diet for about three months and the pain was gone. It was an UN diet (Breakfast is always 2 piece of fruit every day for the 90 days and beyond. Alcohol is forbidden in this diet and because we are trying to change our metabolism, if you decide to have it, you must stop this diet 48 hours in advance. The diet must be followed in this order: protein day, starch day, carbohydrates day and then water day). The moment I came back to my old eating habits the pain was back. I hope this will help you. Good luck!