okay so i'm 16 years old, weighing 135 ish, 5'7 height, wanting to be a lean model, preferably hollister, abercrombie material and striving my hardest to get there.
For Now my goal is a 6 pack and nice pecs. I have the nice defined arms and partial pecs along with a nice 4 pack and partial fifth abdominal.
I'm starting my lower abs routines now figuring how to do them.
I was a nice chubby child growing up to 145 till 9th grade where I started lifting.
My problem now is I need to get rid of body fat in my 5th & 6th abdominal area and around my butt and top legs area.

I lift triceps/biceps and lower ab area one day, and pecs, top abs the next day.
So basically 3-4 times a week for each area.
I lift around 5 o clock pm before dinner everyday eating protein meats veges and fruits.

I wanna switch to running on the same day as biceps/triceps, lower ab day.
I'm concerned how I should do it.
I still want to keep the lifting around 5 before I eat dinner.
I'm confused on how I can get the best results.
(Please include on the eating/resting periods between lifting and running)