Hi I am taking the birth control pill called:Kariva which is substituted for Mircette. Its a 28 day tablet. On the week of me period there are 2 green pills and 5 blue pills. I ALWAYS start on my 1st blue pill. I have a boyfriend, and yes we are sexually active and we do not use condoms or the pull-out method. Usally when I start my period its always in the morning like around 6 am or 8 am. I should have started my period yesterday, but I didnt. Its lunch time now and still no period. I aint cramping like I normally do when its time for my period. But I am having to use the bathroom more than I usally do. And yesterday I was throwing up alot and today I have some. I have had a late period before while on this BCP, but it always ended up starting, I would take a preganancy test and itd show up Negitive or it would show up not readable. I dont know what to do. Sure if u take preganancy tests while on BCPs it aint gonna come up positive all the time. But Im gettin scared a little and nervous and so is my boyfriend. What do i do?