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Abnprmal bleeding: I am feeling worried about the last two months. I am 36 yrs of age. My cycle was fairly normal until I started having light brown colouration only noticed when urinating. It became thicker and was darker as the days went on. It happened only two weeks after my last period and again only two weeks later. There was no pain, although thinking about it, I was feeling bloated and uncomforatble. The clotting was not excessive but enough to wear a tampon. What is wrong with me?? :'(


hi i know you probably dont want advice of a 16 year old but i can share something with you.

for the first 2 years of my period, i used to flow right thru super plus tampon AND a night towel.
I didnt have much pain, but would be on like this for around 5 days, then it would ease off.

i got put on the combined pill to help the flow.. it controlled it to some extent, but the pain gradually got worse.

then i noticed brown clotting after my period, and i went to my GP, he said the brown stuff is a good thing and shows that everything up there is working fine and is healthy, so i wouldnt worry about anything,

if still, go to ur gp, they are there for a reason, no one should worry