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I am 44 and my cycle is starting to last period was January 1, 2007, it was a normal period. I finally got it again on March 31, it was very heavy and clotting - for about 4-5 days. I just got it again (10 days later) April 14 - heavier than ever before - a lot of clotting it is now the 4th day. I can't believe how heavy it is. Is this normal?? I am so worried, but I guess it could be peri-menopause? I have been to my ob/gyn and my GP and all seems ok. Blood pressure a little high but nothing to worry about. I guess I just want to know if clotting and such heavy bleeding is normal?
Thank you.. :(


Your issues sounds pretty similar to mine. I am 46 and this year have started to see my periods miss a month or extend out to 50+ days (past last period). This has happened twice so far this year.

During the past 2 years ,my periods were getting irregular ( early or late, 5 days in duration but pretty heavy all around with no major PMS).

No chance of being pregnant (thank goodness)

This month is a month that I have (+52 days since last period). I have had a very heavy period with very heavy clotting. It has lasted of over 9 days. However, there is no cramping at all. It may just be my body catching up with build up of the lining of my uterus over two months.

I do have a fibroid that has not bothered/cuase any problems for me.

I think this is my first reality check for perimenopause.

Keep the faith!