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ok so me and my boyfriend had protected sex. He was wearing a condom but he pulled our aswell. But then he took the condom off and we hugged both naked and his pens and my vagina were really close. Is there any way i could be pregnant?!

Also this happened once before we were about to have sex before he put the condom on.

My periods are really irregular so its not weird to not have it. And i am slightly underweight which i cant help and only 17 so theyre not perfect! But i am having PMS symptoms and still no period! Holy c**p please help me!!


could i be pregnant? my period is late.

my last period was on august 7th, 2008. it is now september 16th, 2008.

i have had breast tenderness and soreness,
upset stomach,
mild cramping, and chest pain.

this morning i started veryy light spotting.
is there any chance i am pregnant?

any information you have will be really helpful


me and my girlfriend have been having sex for about a month now. this is the first time shes had her period late, its been 3 days late and its driving me crazy. we never had sex without a condom and the condom never broke or ripped during sex, im 18 and she is 16. i dont know what do do cuz i cant think of any way she could be pregnant. am i just being paranoid?

pleaseeeeee help!!!!!!!! thanks