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hey guys, im 14, and i recently i found out that I probably have phimosis. I mean, i can't retract my foreskin under the glains when erect and flaccid, but when i looked at the phimosis pictures, well it looks a bit different, so Idk if i have it or not. When I pee, there is a little ballon and i pee a bit slow sometimes.I really dont want to get circumsized, i read online so much past week about it, and im really scared and i can't stop thinking about it, because i probably will need circumsision, i can't even clean my glains even when flaccid. I talked about it with my mom, she said that is probably of the puberty, i have a bit of hair there, and said talk to dad, but idk,  i can't talk about it. It was very hard to tell it for my mother :D. The thing is, i dont want to go to a doctor, because he needs to check it and etc, and my P Is way below average. I tried some stretching every day  past week around 6minutes while having warm shower, and i think it works. I don't know what to do, every comment will be helpfull. Thank you, hope you understand me and my trash English.


Hi Guest

Getting your foreskin to retract can take awhile doing it for a week is not enough.
Continue to do what you have been doing in shower.
Pull it back and hold it for a bit and repeat it.
Just make sure you don't force it back and hurt yourself steady pressure that doesn't hurt is good..
Seeing your doctor would be a good idea your doctor can determine if the stretching will resolve the problem and can also give you advice or maybe something to help.
Don't worry about your size you are just starting puberty and your doctors only concern is that your problems with your foreskin get resolved.
Since you talked to your mom it shouldn't be too awkward to ask her to make you an appointment.