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Hello! I am a 17 year old boy and I've had one problem for a while.. about the penis. To be more specific, about the foreskin. I can't retract the foreskin at all when erect, so for me the head of the penis has never seen light. Besides it feeling too tight to retract, It is also painful. Of course, I have read other topics which suggest to try and make it more elastic or something like this. It does not work guys!! Is the circumcision a solution in this case? By the way, I can't retract it while flaccid for the same reasons! Thanks



The best thing might be to see your doctor the opinion you get will be based on examining you.
Your doctor can give you the answer you need there could be something that he can give you to help stretch your foreskin.
Or based on examining you circumcision might be recommended.
If you have given the other stretching methods a good try without success than seeing your doctor is worth considering.