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hello, im 14 years old, gonna turn 15  this year, and i have a problem with my foreskin. I can't retract it, i can't clean my glains, and i dont know what to do. I don't think that i have phimosis, just because the little hole on the top of the penis is "not straight to the glains". I don't really know how to explain it, because when i pull the top of the foreskin i can see the hole really small, so its like a "hole in a hole". I doesn't hurt, no blood or anything, just can't retract. Its pretty hard to pee when standing, i always choose to pee while sitting, because it gets like a balloon thingy when peeing, so its hard  not to  pee everywhere while standing.I tried some stretching when in a warm bath, and i can stretch it a bit more than i used to, but the hole i mentioned is still the same size.  My penis is only 9 cm(3.2 inch) when erect, does the foreskin problem have an impact on the size?

When i was a bit younger, like 8-9 years old, i remember seeingg my glains, but then i was always wondering why its not like that anymore, and read about this.

Thank you, if you read this. Have a nice day.


Hi Guest
It can take a long time for the stretching to work doing the stretching everyday and a few times a day may help.
The small hole you mentioned is it a second hole or is it the hole that you pee out of?
You still have lots of time to grow and develop your penis will grow as you continue to go through puberty.
It would be worth seeing your doctor about this just to make sure everything is ok and your doctor can answer all of your questions based on examining you.
Seeing your doctor will help put your mind at ease as well.