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Hey folks, I found out two weeks ago that my wife had a Pineal tumor as well as an AVM(Ateriovenus Malformation)-I think thats it?? Basically an artery that improperly formed right next to the tumor.
Anyway a little history & the story:
My wife has a case of severe Scoliosis and has had Harrington rods placed in her back to correct the curve in 1994. In 2007 she had them make a long story short she has severe chronic pains in her back every since. Last month she had bent over to pick something up and as soon as she lifted her head she began vomiting and had sever back pains, as well as great pressure in her head. It scared us both very much, but we thought she had pinched a nerve in her back or something??? We came really close to calling the Ambulance, but held off to see if it would did very slowly... took her about 3 weeks to recover from the severity of the pain and it never trully went away due to her previous surgeries it was hard to pinpoint the cause. - Basically we never went to the hospital.

3 Months later:
Now this time I had just came home from work and walked through the door to see or find my wife having these same symptoms..vomiting, pain in the back, pressure in the head. "This was worse than the last ---yes we called 911 and had sent her to Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX. Upon our arrival to the ER we explained my wifes symptoms...the Doctor in the ER felt her symptoms were chronic and she did not need to be admitted. "I was angry to say the least, as she was not able to walk and they did not want her in the hospital..."I have insurance man" Any I had words with the doctor and he changed his tune and had her admitted. While our stay she had an MRI taken of her spine & hip, only to find that her last surgery looked to be in good shape and that they do not see any issues that might be causing her pain. They then did some type of nerve test with needles & some sort of electric shock impulses??? We have been made to believe that she did not do well with this test, this caught the attention of the doctor who then requested a MRI & CT scan of the brain.

Well the story is after the MRI & CT scan they found the tumor..they advised that it looked to be benign with a bit of calcification, the doctor then stated it looked like something we simply needed to monitor and not to be worried and sent us back home, as an out patient.
Two days after being sent home she had the same attack!!!!=Hospital
There we are back at the Hospital only this time they did a CT scan of the brain right away. Surprise Surprise after review the CT scan it showed she has hemmoraged (Bled out on the brain)...They also identifed that she has a AVM that needs to be removed, as they feel this was what was bleeding, not the tumor. She then had revieved embolizaton surgery to try and stop the bleeding from the appears as of today 04/18/09 it is only 90% corrected. This must be the case because yesterday at 4 am she bled again. The doctor now wants to remove the AVM surgically or by radiation.

Can someone please enlighten me on what they went through if they had a similar sugery...the tumor & AVM is right in the center of her brain, so i am afraid of what side effects may occur....Scared as hell....If anyone can please elaborate on their experiences it would be appreciated.

(I need some help in making some very serious decisions soon!)


Brain surgery is high risk. There is no easy answer. It is a damned if you do and damned if you don't kind of situation. I am very sorry.