I saw the previous post on sinus cancer so I'm hoping the same medical student or others may be able to help me.

My husband is 42 and will be seeing a neurosurgeon at a excellent hospital in our area's Cancer Center on Thurs for a LARGE dense "calcification" that is present within his pineal gland. MRI, CT and PET scan have all confirmed this. At this appt I expect to hear it called a brain tumor but until I hear a dr say it, I refer to it as a "calcification." When he had the MRI it noted ALOT of sinus related issues and a "mass-like change" in his middle turbinate". Would this of shown up on the PET scan if he indeed does have sinus cancer? I know both pineal gland and sinus cancer are both very rare but I've also read where they are "related" sort of. Like the same type of cancer cells for both so the pineal cancer could of spread to the sinuses. Any one have any experience with either of these? Did anyone have sinus cancer and it did not show up on PET scan? He will be seeing a ENT specialist at the Cancer Center also.

If you need more details let me know and I can relay the MRI impressions.

Any information on Brain Cancer would be appreciated also. From what I have looked up, heavy doses of radiation will be used and possibly Chemo also. Since the gland is in the middle of the brain, most likely surgery will not be a option. Any info on what to expect would be greatly appreciated.