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I had cortizone injection in my knees 3 weeks ago and now I have been diagnosed by my Doctor that my pituitary gland got shut off my own body. This is new to me I don't understand what if there is a treatment to turn it back on.



Pituitary gland is very important part of our body system. I produces several types of hormone that are vital for our health. One of these hormones is adenocorticotrpin and this hormone stimulates the production of cortisol in the adrenal gland. This is the hormone that regulates our blood pressure.  Have you experienced any problems with blood pressure after the shot you received? There is a possibility that your body rejected the injections and there for stopped the functioning of pituitary gland. This is very dangerous. What else did your doctor told you? Are you using any medication now? The gland is very important part of the body and you are at risk of having more adverse reaction with this condition.