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Ok, I am confused about Xyrem's "miracle effects" & I do understand the theory that Narcoleptics remain in REM sleep & never progress to Stage 4 deep restful sleep plus have frequent interruptions to their sleep. & Xyrem is suppossedly transporting a narcoleptic to stage 4 sleep stage & then the result will be less daytime sleepiness & less sleep attacks...But hang on here...even if I do go to stage 4 deep restful sleep when I awaken I still have a hypocretin deficiency which is the cause of my narcolepsy, & the hypocretin hormone/protein is the regulator for wakefulness so ...they haven't found a way to replace hypocretin.... so, at the end of the day I still have a hypocretin defiency. So which is it then? The hypocretin deficiency or lack of stage 4 deep sleep? & regardless of how much sleep I get (even if its Stage 4) my wakefullness regulator (hypocretin) is absent  & de-void & will be sending the message to sleep. I realize this is a science question. & if Xyrem is this miracle then why is it not labeled as a cure instead of a treatment. At the end of the day, no matter what, I still have a hypocretin deficiency which will send incorrect msgs telling me to sleep. So, how is Xyem a miracle?


The miracle is that this drug actually targets the problem and isn't just a stimulant. Right now it's the best thing out there I know. Though it helps you while you're asleep it can't help while you're awake because it is very sedating. I take xyrem and it doesn't knock me out like a lot of people, it just makes me sleepy. When I take it I can actually feel my brain chemistry shift and I feel more like I used to before developing narcolepsy. Though I am very sleepy it is a wonderful feeling to have. If a new drug could somehow do the same thing without putting people to sleep then we would have something that could be taken during the day. Then we would have something like a cure.