I'll sum this up. I am 34 and suffrer with very severe narcolepsy accompanied with slite cataplexy. I understand that Xyrem is the only medication that actually helps to combat narcolepsy by causing ones sleep cycles to behave as they should. Well I unfortunately am very allergic to Xyrem. Agghhhh! So, I can only rely on stimulants to help me function. I've been to all sorts of drs since the age of 16. I've been around every block 2000 times and never got any answers. In college my "sleepiness" grew into exhaustion and continued to get worse and worse. One day a friend gave me an adderal to help me study. It woke me up. My jelly legs felt strong. I could read abd retain info. I aced my test. My friend told me she was add. I went to her doc and put on a show as to get my own "bottle of life". It got around that id done this. I tried explaining that I needed it for energy. No one understood or believed me. I was accused of drug abuse. My parents no longer let me see the doc. So.. I began buying peoples scripts from them secretly. I finally finished college and worked 3 jobs effectively afterwards while also going to grad school. I thought I was doing something horrible and suffered tremendous guilt constantly. Well if course I wound up getting caught again. My friends left. My fiance left. I lost my job, mived to my parents and slept nearly the entire next year. I was forced to see a psychologist weekly. Eventually a sleep study was FINALLY suggested. Ironically, adderal was the first drug I was perscribed! Over the past y18 years I have had many nuerologist and many sleep studies and MA NY drugs. After all of this, the disease is ever progressing. I am not allowed to drive and ss of lsst Feb I can no longer work. My body must be a toxic wasteland inside. I have very painful reoccuring thrush, super sensitive skin and am deeply depressed. My husband is on the road often . Since I never know when or if I will wake up, we have regretfully decided not to have children. HELP!