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i'm 19 and was diagnosed with narcolepsy 08/10. which is a sleep disorder that causes people to sleep a little more than the average person. with narcolepsy i have cataplexy. a state of paralysis that is brought on by strong emotions.

i had my gall bladder removed 06/11. turns out it was only functioning 2.7%. the surgeon didn't find any stones. ever since then i've been constantly nauseous and having upper abdominal pain. i'm careful about what i eat and stay away from the foods i'm supposed to.

the last time i went to the dr she suggested it could be just acid reflux. so i elevated my bed to help keep the acid from coming up. i'm still having pain. when i saw my gastrologist he said it could be IBS. in a month i had 6 bowel movements. which he said is ok and common..

the last 3 days my stomach has been hurting so bad it's becoming unbearable. i can't catch a break. if it's not my narcolepsy it's my stomach -_-

i need relief..anyone have any tips?


I usually find that my sleep doctor knows more about what medications will help me more than anything else.  I have GI issues too, but nexium only helped a little bit with the reflux.  After messing with my diet a bit and avoiding certain foods, that turned out to be the easiest way to fix the issue.

That's just my experience!