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I'm 16 years old. I had sex February 2nd and he used a condom but I have been feeling tired/fatigued, my stomach has been hurting and cramping, it looks a little bloated, I've also been having really bad headaches, getting really dizzy and lightheaded, and my back has been hurting. I'm really scared that I might be, but at the same time I want a baby, but this was not intentional. I'm also on birth control and missed a few pills before I had sex but I stopped taking them as soon as I thought I might be pregnant. I called my partner and asked if the condom ripped and he sorta freaked out and said he wasn't sure, its never happen to him before. Please give your opinions? It would be very much appreciated.


Hi Ashley,

You symptoms could really be anything at this point. When is your next period due? How many pills had you missed before you had sex?