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I've been on the pill 3 weeks yet I missed one about a week ago, me and my boyfriend have had unprotected sex within a week after I missed one. I've been feeling sick and so tired, my boobs have been hurting and have grown bigger recently. I don't know weather to take a test or not as I'm only 16. Help I really think I'm pregnant. X


Well, the simple answer is that your age won't stop you being pregant, if you're past puberty, so why would it stop you taking the test?

The pill is a maintenance program - each pill keeping your body above a certain level of hormone to prevent pregnancy. Missing a pill drops that level, and replacing it (taking it and the next pill) as soon as you remember restores the level. If you didn't take the pill as soon as you remembered, you will have lowered the level of hormone temporarily, and if you ovulated, yes you could be pregnant.

No contraception is 100%. Typical figures for the pill are around 97%, higher generally than any other method.

Those are still far higher odds (even at 99.8%, that is still 2 in 1000) than winning the lottery, and someone does win the lottery, so yes, you could be pregnant. In the future, given your age and presumably lack of enthusiasm for being pregnant and bearing the responsibility that entails, you may wish to combine the pill with condoms.

I strongly recommend you go see a doctor, or visit a clinic, to have a test. At the very least take a home pregnancy test (less sensitive/accurate in principle than a doctor's appointment). Read the instructions to determine how soon they can be accurate: typically once you've missed your period.

We love to cheat nature and enjoy the fun without the responsibility. Sometimes nature sneaks one past us.

In western countries, you have the right to termination, if you decide you are not able or willing to have a child.

For now, you can't start planning a future with or without a baby, without first finding out.


Well, 1, i have been there. 16 and pregnant. Sorry this is happening to you.

2. People give a lot of statistics that they themselves research.

Here is a fact from my experience. For 7 years i have been with my man. We have always used, the combination pill, and a condom and the condom did NOT contain spermacide. . Never once wanted to take the chance of pregnancy. i already have three kids. anyways, we Never got pregnant. Until now.

I was on antibiotics for two weeks, We still used condoms, and i still took my pill the same time every day. we didn't do any foreplay c**p where either of our hands had contact with his fluid. and we didn't have contact after he took the condom off. (that was for all the skeptics out there). anyways. The point is, is that it can happen, BUT the good news is, is that its only happened to me 1 time, in 7 years....those are some pretty good odds.

Combine birth controls girlie. use the nuva ring, so you don't have to worry about pills, or take the depo shot...just be sure to get it on time everytime.

FIgure out when your next period is to come. Remember, a lot of tests now days can test 5 days BEFORE the missed period.

It very well could be that you are pregnant. but it also could be pms. their symptoms are pretty close together. it could also be that your so afriad of getting pregnant, that your mind has actually manifested these symptoms.

Good luck for whatever you hope for! Take the test. you got the pill, go buy a test lol. no problem