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Ok so I feel this popping in my neck when i swallow food. Its only when I'm eating, not drinking. It's on my left side and it feels like its right in the crease between my jugular and my adams apple. I can't figure out what it is. It feels like something gets caught on something else while I'm swallowing and then just pops around it. By pop around it, I mean like your fingers do when you snap, just not as violent. It doesn't make a noise, it just hurts a little.

The pain is not on the level where I could say ouch. But its uncomfortable and makes me worried. It's happened multiple times throughout my life. I do have a bad cough right now, could it be related?


That is exactly what is going on in my throat right now. I thought I would see if I could find anything about it online and no such luck. Did you figure out what it was?