Alright so about 14 weeks ago i was smoking from this hookah stick after my workout, I'm young and stupid i know.. Im a 20 year old male by the way and i stop drinking last year and use to smoke in high school.. But anyway 3 days after i finish this hookah stick i had the most painful sore throat of my life.. It was over a weekend so i went to a doc on that monday to see if it was strep throat or something and... It wasn't .. It was just irritation from too much smoke i guess.. But a week after that i got a little cold that went away, no big deal or anything but the mucus was bothering the c**p out of me and i tried coughing it up but that wasn't working so i put i my stupid finger down my throat to see if i can just scoop it out.. Really stupid and of course it didn't work but right after that i felt a tiny lump in my throat and it kept me up all night driving me crazy because i couldn't swallow it or anything, it felt like something was stuck and i went to the same doc the next week and he gave me a x-ray and everything was fine he said and told me it was anxiety but told me to see this ENT doc the following week.. So i did.. The ENT doc opened my mouth and took a quick glance in my mouth and told me it was acid reflux and gave me a prescription to two acid reflux relief pills.. I took these things for a month and the lump was still there and felt a little worse(I'm still taking these pills by the way) i went to a new doctor and she ordered me a ultrasound the next week and the week after that the ultrasound results came back normal besides a .30 cm cyst on the thyroid, but the ENT doc told me that Wasn't causing the lump sensation because it was to small, and by the way my lump"sensation" feels like a solid hard lump that i feel when i swallow.. Its on the right side of my throat i believe maybe around the adams apple but i only feel it looking straight and swallowing.. it feels even worse turning left and swallowing ,and turning right and swallowing i feel nothing.. So i went and saw the new doc and she said it was allergies so now I'm taking allergies and acid reflux pills and it feels the same maybe worse and i got this crazy twitch in my right eyebrow and twitches all over my body and my ears are killing me, no pain really but my ears are cracking, popping and filled with pressure.. Its so annoying and frustrating.. So the ENT doc took a look down my esophagus to my stomach from my nose with this long string wire looking thing with a camera on it, and he saw nothing abnormal, he said everything look good besides some stomach tissue but thats neither here nor there but now i have to take a blood test for food allergies, so I'm going to do that but i just want an answer of what this is and i cant seem to find one so I'm asking if anyone can relate to this or just give a little bit of advice il be so grateful I'm joining the marines and don't want this problem with me in bootcamp, i also weighed 197 when this whole lump thing started and now i weigh about 178, iv been eating nothing but good food apples, bananas, salads and chicken everyday.. Thought id trow that in haha thank you for reading and whatever you want to share please do..