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Hello I'm 22yrs.

Im havinig a time trying to figure all this out. My last period was May 14th. Today is June 12th. And my period hasnt came on. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and It came back positive. I was on birthcontrol at the begining of May but I then stopped after skipping a few. I had intercourse on ( May 22 ) with one gentleman without a condom but he didnt ejaculate in me. He pulled out before that occured. Than I had intercorse with a different gentleman on ( MAY 29th..) Where we didnt use a condom but the next morning when I got home I notice sperm in my underwear, I was drinking at the club last night and me and this gentleman have known eachother for a while, I have a feeling I passed out during intercoarse. I have a strong feeling that he came in me considering the sperm I found the next morning in my underwear.

I went to babycanter to figure my ovulation dates so i could figure the date of contraception. I put in my last period date and it said I was ovulating from May 25th -May 28th, with a due date of February 18th.

If I had intercourse with this second gentleman the day after ( babycenter.coms ovulation calendar said I was ovulating) whih would be the father of my unborne child??

I took a pregnancy test about 3 weeks ago and it was negative. As of yesterday It was positive.

please respond to me as soon as posible..... All responces welcomed. I know your thinking two differnt partners within a week is NASTY!!! I'm single and I know both gentleman very well... I know its not a good look though.

Thank you all in advance.

Please give me an idea of which would be my unborne childs father.


Hi Lala: Depending on WHEN you stopped the pill, if it was close to #1 guy, he is less of a chance than #2. Becasue even though the pill starts leaving your body after the 1st day, it does take awhile too totally be out.

It takes just 1 sperm for there too be fertilization, but the "Natural Method" - not having sex when you are ovulating and pulling out. Is about 65 - 75% effective at birth control. So I am really thinking man #2 is the father. The problem of course is convincing him of that!!!! The only way too tell for sure will be either a blood test invitro - which can be dangerous - or waiting for the blood test after baby is born. The baby will have the fathers blood type, IF both men have the same blood type, then a DNA test will be used. IF you are on Welfare at the time of the birth and want Child Support, usually Welfare will pay for a test - too determine the father and who too go after.

I sure don't envy your situation hon. I'm sure this isn't what you were expecting. BUT as far as my 2 cents are concerned, you need too talk to both men and let them know that either one could be the father. Because even though I strongly believe it is man #2, that isn't in gold!!!!!

The reason why the pregnancy test came back negative is that the HCG levels weren't strong enough yet - even with either guy. And unfortunately because they were technically close together a week is not a long time too science! Too be open with both men - even though hard - is the ONLY way. Because keeping a secret like that will be VERY hard and not right to the guy that could be the dad. Let me know how everything goes OK!? And GOOD LUCK!