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I had sex with guy a on May 23,2013 & then with guy b on June 9th,I found out I was pregnant & got my first ultrasound & it said I was 9 weeks on July 31st,my doc came to the conclusion that my due date is March 4,2014 but the catch is I can't remember when my last period was bc I never keep up with them but I think it was around May 28th but I'm not sure at all! I am now 33 weeks pregnant & lives with guy b,could somebody help me figure out who the father is without having to get a dna test done??


Hi Amanda,

Your doctor is assuming May 28 for your LMP as well, based upon the due date.

If so, then it is unlikely Guy A is the father.

You would have had sex with Guy B on day 12 of your cycle.  Normally you will ovulate between days 11 and 16 so the timing was very good.

Without definite dates it is impossible to say for sure that Guy B is the father.  A DNA test will be needed to confirm paternity.

Good luck.