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Sometime last month maybe a week or two after my period (I'm not positive) I had intercourse and I always use the pull out method with my partner. The problem is though, we all have natural lubricants and I bled very bad because it was one of the few times that I have actually had sex. It was kind of wet from blood really but I'm afraid it was more.. Since I ALWAYS make sure we pull out I haven't had any problems but I feel like I'm nearing my period and I have all period symptoms (especially the pre period discharge that I get) but no blood yet. It's getting about the time to have it but I am very irregular. I have a lot going for me and I'm too young for a pregnancy and don't want to tell anyone I know. Is it possible?


Hi Tiff,

Wait for your period.  If it's on time and normal you're OK.  If it's "different" or late, then test.

Your timing would be good for trying to get pregnant.

The "pull-out" method is not a form of birth control.  It's extremely unreliable.  Don't forget that your boyfriend can have precum that contains sperm.  It only takes one.  Once you get past this consider the pill or another form of birth control.  They are very reliable.

Hang in there.