Last month my boyfriend and I had protected sex with a condom multiple times. He does like to ejaculate in the condom while it is still on him (he will pull out for this), and will then remove it, wipe everything up thoroughly, switch the condom, and continue. There were no broken condoms. My boyfriend would finger me occasionally after sex, but not before wiping his hands or washing them. 

My period is usually quite regular, and it was expected on the 4th of December, however it has not arrived yet, making it 6 days late. I have felt some minor cramping on and off, but no blood yet. 

Halfway through the time of my last period and now, I experienced some heavy brown blood, enough that I had to use a tampon for 3 days. I must add that this was about one day after my boyfriend and I had sex.

I have been stressed out seeing as it is exam season and it is my first set of university finals. My grandfather also just passed away, and my boyfriend has just recently told me he s going away for two months this summer. I've never experienced a late period due to stress before, so this is concerning me. 

I have not taken a pregnancy test as of right now, but I will this weekend. I am also not on the pill for personal reasons. I am aware that every time two people have sex that there is always a possibility of pregnancy, but I wonder if anyone has had a similar experience or has any idea of what is happening. Both my boyfriend and I are quite anxious, but what has happened has happened, and there is not much we can do about it now, except look for some answers.

Thank you!