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I believe I have a 3rd degree burn on my arm that is about 4x2inches. It had blistered immediately and not purposely the skin caught on something and was pulled away, so its now been exposed. It didnt hurt much until the end of the following day. That day I purchased these gel burn pads from the pharmacy and applied them onto the burn for 2 days. Since then I have kept it clean daily. I apply antibiotic ointment daily to assist with the pain and wrap it up to prevent the air getting to it. This is done twice daily. If its exposed to the air it almost instantly becomes very red/painful. The outer part of the oval of the burn is outlined by a red line and the inner part stays from white-red depending if its been exposed to the air. Its now been a little over a week since the burn and I cant tell if its healing much. The sterile pads have a yellowish/brown substance on them when I change them, but thats it. The pain has lessened as well. I am watching it extremely close for infection and attempting to avoid medical attention due to a lack of insurance at the moment. Any help or suggestions on healing time and if I should use a different method of tending to it is greatly appreciated!


I too have a third degree burn on my leg. Yes very painful. I did see my family practioner. He gave me silver sulfate cream. stil cant see a improvment. Its been 7 days now. the web claims healing couild take several months. the dr. said change dressing twice a day. Keep it clean and it will take a lot of time to heal. all this pain because i wanted to drive my motorcycle and my leg touched the hot exhaust pipe.