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Here is my story,
I had my last period oct. 4 and then a week later i had weird brown discharge and cramping. I was supposed to start my period Nov. 3 but it did not. I started getting nauseated and so I took a pregnancy test. It came back faint positive. I went to the Dr. got another urine test came back negative then did a blood test also came back negative. It is now Nov. 7 no period still having pregnancy symptoms. headaches, nausea, frequent urination, tiredness. I go back to the Dr. Nov. 11th but I am not sure what to think, Why have I missed my period and why am I feeling like this??? I think I will take another test tomorrow morning. Any advise?


Hey I was wondering if you got an answer to this? I am  22 and I had my tubes clamped nov.2011. Ever since i get my period like clock work. I am now 5 days late and had both blood and urine pt negative. I am having spotting and lots of pregnancy symptoms, nausea, dizzy, tired, soar breasts, cramping and headaches .  Still no period and random spotting. I feel pregnant. Is this possible?