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I will try to explain to you what kind of problems I'm experiencing.
I'm 17 years old and attending high school.
I don’t have any problems with my school and my marks. All my problems are connected with my emotional condition.
All my life I was pretty quiet person.
What can I say- I don’t talk accept someone ask me to. There is no cause of my depression.
People started to notice this and consider me some kind of freak.
I don’t know what it causing my depression but I'm definitely interested in possible treatments of my depression.


Well, I know a bit about possible therapies for depression. To treat depression doesn’t mean imidiately using some antidepressant.
These drugs should be the last line of defense, if you know what I mean. There are several techniques for relieving your depression like
aerobic exercise during swimming, cycling or something similar.
There are also some stimulating showers during which you start showering with warm water, gradually making it hotter.
Spend as much time as possible outdoors.
Find a friend to share your feelings with because simply knowing someone cares and wants to listen helps a lot to depressed person.
Good luck



I was exactly like you.

When I was 15 I became depressed. I thought about killing myself, and it effected my life. I was also a very quiet person and never spoke or stuck up for myself. When I was 17 it started becoming worse and I kept having obsessions about death and killing other people. I thought i was a terrible person and no one could help me. At the age of 19 It got so bad that I developed Panic Disorder and a fear of crowds and people. I could not go outside or even get up in the morning. But when I was 21 I could not cope and I was crying all the time.

I know it is hard, but you need to see a doctor. I know you might not want to go on meds, but right now, you need to. Listen to me when I say, that although medication is not the answer, you need to take it to give you some breathing space. Your head is a bit messed up right now and you need perscribed medication to sort you out. It may take about 3 weeks to work but after this you will start to feel better. Then, in about 2 years, you can gradully work your way off. I know that people say that you can do more than take meds, but right now, you need to go with your mother or father to the doctor and get on antidepressants. Trust me when I say that you will feel much better.

I went to the doctor when I was 21 and he put me on anti depressants, (Zoloft). I thought that I was so depressed that no one could help me. But after a month, I started feeling happier, and my obsessive thoughts would start to dissapear. I am now 22 and I love my life. I am down from 300mg per day to 50mg per week.

Also, the cause of your depression is this: I have realised that because of my quiet behaviour and shyness, I was unable to express myself the way I wanted to. And, when I would try to do something in the world, I couldnt because I was too shy. After a while, this lack of confidence builds up and you feel unable to cope with every day situations, and you get depressed. Your shyness has made you depressed. I suggest that after you get on your meds you start telling everyone how you feel, and you dont be shy anymore. Standing up for yourself is something that you need to do.

Chemically, this is how depression works: In everyones brain, there is a chemical called Serotonin. When you are stressed or feeling like you cannot cope, your brain released Serotonin and it helps you deal with the situation. But, after a while, Serotonin can become inbalanced and you can lose some. With no Serotonin in your brain, your brain will not be able to deal with every day situations, and you become depressed. Right now, you have a lack of Serotonin in your brain, and you need antidepressants, and all antidepressants replace the missing Serotonin in your brain. This is how all antidepressants work.

I will do one more thing and give you my email address so we can talk if you want. There is help available.

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Best of luck, Tara.