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Possible yeast infection? I am a teen. I am also sexually active. Lately I have been noticing that my vagina is very itchy and secreting fluids.It is also sore. I have done some research and I've come up with yeast infection. Today I got in the shower to rinse off to try and relieve some of the itching, and now my labia and everything is very swollen. Any tips to help swelling go down? So any advice, maybe home remedies and what not?


Yep, its yeast infection....i used to have it.
Since i didnt have insurance, i just bought monistat1 and went away within a week. And for the swelling, try taking a hot bath that should make it go down and for the itching you can use ice til you buy the monistat or you can go to the doc and they prescribe you smthn but if you want smthn over the counter i recommend monistat.

Hope this helped^-^