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Hi my names Nick, about 7 months ago i had a successful ACL surgery and i've been playing soccer for the past 5 weeks or so until ive had slight discomfort the past few days.

The left part of my left knee has been in a lot of pain after running/kicking, it feels like somethings going to pop out. Im not sure whether its tissue or something floating around but i was wondering if anyone has an opinion on this? My knee also has swollen up a bit.


Hi there,

I think that you had plenty of time to recover from the surgery but I think also that you need to be careful when it comes to sports. It seems that your leg hasn’t recovered fully and that your pain is probably just caused by the surgery that hasn’t healed completely. Have you been using medication for the pain? I think that you should try to do some exercise for your knee, but something simpler, not like playing soccer. You have to understand that your knee lost little bit of its strengthen. Try not to over stress your knee and you will be fine. I hope this helped a little bit.


All the best,