i just hit five months post op on Monday March 19, 2018. This is my second acl repair surgery on my left knee (third in total because I’ve also torn my right one). With my two other surgeries it was almost like nothing happened, I got full range of motion with barely any physical therapy or stretching and I don’t remember hearing any cracking or popping after my surgeries but they were both about 3/4 years ago so I may just have forgotten. It seems like my left knee does this when I’m doing something that follows my right leg, like side shuffling or crab walks. It also seems to happen when I change the position of my leg suddenly (side shuffling to back pedaling) It doesn’t hurt but it is super loud and happens a lot sometimes when I am working out. It makes me feel like my knee is unstable because I feel like it shouldn’t be cracking like that and I feel like should know if it’s okay since I’ve been through this procedure multiple times. Any advice?