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I'm 10 months post op for my ACL Reconstruction and menisus surgery and I felt a loud pop as I took a turn while running in soccer. My knee is swollen and I have pain on the back and sides of my knee that comes and goes usually when I walk. I also have a good amount of swelling. I have slight pain when I bend it but still have full range in motion. I tried squats, one legged jumps and squats and my knee hasn't gave way. Please help I'm scared I retore my ACL.


I had ACL reconstruction in 2011. 2 years later had the same problem you're having and went back for an MRI and my bone plug had popped back out due to incorrect placement of the screw holes causing too much stress on the graft. After it popped out I lost some stability but it never gave way either 2nd time around. Had to have ACL revision reconstruction. I wouldnt let it go. Ask for an MRI and find out whats going on. It will cause further damage.