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Around 6yrs ago I had full reconstructive surgery on my right ACL. Completed the full rehab, fine. Played football very regularly for years after, high intensity a few times a week as well as attending the gym. A year ago I tore my left ACL and had full reconstructive surgery on that. Did full rehab on that, fine. Now I'm playing football again and back at the gym and sometimes - not all the time, I'm feeling some slight discomfort under my right ACL scar which gets painful if I press on it (only when I try and identify the pain).

Is this scar tissue? It's not painful but it's a noticable discomfort. It's not prohibiting me from playing or working at the gym as I don't feel it until the next day. Is this serious? I've heard that gentle massaging of the area the next day, when it's uncomfortable, would help? If so, should I use things such as Deep Heat or the like or wouldn't this be advisible on a scar? Is there any other diagnosis for this?

Obviously I'm a little concerned as I've only just started playing again after my last operation on the other knee and have got my fitness and skills back up to a decent level - more surgery know would devestate me.

Any ideas, info, insight, advice and suggestions would be extremely appreciated and welcomed.



It's definately possible to have scar tissue discomfort under the incision site. You can try massaging it to break up the scar tissue. Another good thing to do is to fill a dixie paper cup up with water, freeze it, and do an ice massage. It will cut down on the swelling as well as help break up the scar tissue. I've had 3 ACL reconstructions and I have never been the same since. Good luck.