Ok, so I am on Aviane birth control and I have been really good about taking it. I take it every day, without ever missing a pill, between 9pm and midnight every night. First question: How effective is a birth control pill that is low dose? I used to take a slightly higher dosed one, and the low dose of Aviane bothers me. does it work less because there are less hormones? My doctor is really not good about answering birth control questions, and originally was trying to take me off birth control totally. Aviane was our compromise.

So I had sex. We used a condom, but it broke. Like, really tore so badly that he may as well not have been wearing one at all.

The low dose of Aviane bothered me so much that about 48 hours after I had sex, I decided I couldn't just sit back and trust it. I went out and got a morning after pill, Next Choice, and took it as directed. One pill immediately, one pill about 12 hours later. It may have been less than 12 hours later, between 11 and 12 sometime. It certainly wasn't over 12 hours later.

My period is just late a day, but I'm already starting to worry. Does the morning after pill delay a period? If so, how late exactly should I be expecting it. Also, I would bite the bullet and take a pregnancy test, but how soon would it even show correct results?