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My girlfriend and I have been in a monogamous relationship for the past year and half. We have sex 3-4 times a month and I was just wondering if it was possible for her to be pregnant under these circumstances:

-she is on the pill (she was on ortho-tricyclene lo but it wasn't "high" enough, so they put her on something higher)

-ever since being on this pill she has been getting her period REGULARLY 3 days late, and has been bleeding 3-4 days.

-no signs of pregnancy or anything.

-and we only "do it" unprotected about once each month and there is no concentrated ejaculation. (I do not "come" inside)

Please help me and tell me the chances that she is pregnant! I do not want a baby at my age. (18)


Very worried.


If she is not having any signs of pregnancy, dont worry yet. in my opinion, if I were you i would not have unprotected sex because pre-cum can even get a girl pregnant even if you pull out. Its very unlikely that your gf is right now, but just to make sure she doesnt get pregnant, i would be more careful next time


but what are the chances of her becoming pregnant if she is on the pill with all these conditions?