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I have been on depo since 2000. I missed my shot that was due in December 2012. I got my period the 14th of April 2013 and started depo again on 19th of April 2013.I had unprotected sex the same night I received shot. I started to feel different so I decided to take a pregnancy test. It came up a faint positive. I took about 5 more 3 digital with all same results. Is this possible and if so will my baby be ok?


Hi Gust,

You are going to have to go to doctors to confirm with a blood test.  A lot of times it is just starting up with birth control that mimics pregnancy and gives false positives, especially with certain pregnancy tests.  If you are pregnant, often the birth control don't harm the baby as it is the same kind of hormones that are released with the HCG and makes you feel around the same too, so they don't harm a fetus at all.

Hope this helps