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My name is Jamie, and I am looking for some advice to help end my confusion. This is my story.
On January 13th-17th I had my period.
On January 26th I had a small amount of strange blood.
On February 12th-16th I had my period. Between those two periods was 30 days.
On March 1st (a expected day of ovulation) I had sex with Ejack.
On March 7th-8th (6 DPO) I had a small amount of brownish blood.

I was expecting my period on March 14th, on the 15th I was cramping like it was soon to come. 4 days later, On March 18th the tip of two tampons were red, and the third tampon that day had brown discharge.
On March 19th, in the morning I had brown spotting and light brown on toilet paper. Half a tampon of red/brown blood.
On March 20th, in the morning I had two spots smaller than bottle caps of red blood. In the afternoon I had two tampons of red blood.
On March 21st, I had pink discharge.

This strange 4 day (late period) was nothing like my usual period I get.

I tested March 22nd- Neg
I tested again March 29th- Neg.

Today is April 1st, three days ago my nipples become sore. For two weeks now I have had mild to moderate nausea. I am tired, with enough rest at night. I am having mood swings .. a times I want to cry for no reason. But I do not know if this is because I am thinking about this (am I pregnant) thing too much.
I am constipated and when I do have a bowl movement it is a loose stool or diarrhea.
I have had heartburn here and there and I feel random (period like cramps) here and there down underneath my belly button.
I wonder if I could be making these symptoms happen, or if they are the real deal. But if so, why did I have a late brownish so called period? Why did I bleed 6 DPO and again for 4 days 17 DPO??? I am so confused.
I believe I have this intuition that I do have a baby in my belly, but what do you think? Maybe it is all in my head.


if your normal on your period and you have been having spotting then you very well might be. before you had sex listed above did you have all these symptoms? i know of some people to have had weird spottings until they went to the doctor and find out they were 2 months or more pregnant. i would defentaley go the the dr. and get a blood test. i think you are. unless something else is going on which is a possability. well good luck i hope everything turns out good for you. oh and sometimes urine tests dont always work for some people because of the hormone level in the urine. so be aware of that too. take care let me know what happens