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I'm hoping for some insight here as I am starting to drive myself crazy with this.

Went to the Dr last month with "pregnancy symptoms"  (fatigues, lightheaded, dizzy, breasts are swollen tender, and have a milk discharge, they are vainy, nauseua, and moody) My EX has a vasectomy so I really didn't think pregnancy was an option but thought I may have a hormone imbalance.  I took the urine test it was neg, did a Lh Fsh test all came back normal including my prolactin. By the end of the month I was 2 weeks late for my period took another preg test at home, again neg. But then the nausea really kicked in for about 2 weeks. I then got what I think is my period, but it started with black/brown blood, for the first day turned red the second then just stopped for a whole day, then I spotted brown for a few hours the next day but the nausea seemed to subside with this period. I am normally VERY NORMAL, like set a clock by my cycle, never late, never brown, never stop and start and ALWAYS 5 days.. So this period was not at all normal, the one before this late period was also un normally light for me..


 However I am still leaking, fatigued, headaches, dizzy, some smells make me want to puke. The lower half of my tummy is poking out even though I have lost 7 pounds and unless I am laying down I am unable to suck it in. (I may must be really freaking myself out here)  I have an aptt with a gyno later this month but the waiting to see if I'm pregnant or sick or just a freak of nautre is killing me!


My husband had vasectomy 20 months ago.  I have had headaches, exhaustion, constipation, cramps, bloating, and occasional nauseua as well as some breast tenderness - not to mention food/smell adversions for last week - have 5 children and am freaked out with possibility of preg - took test today (not first urine of morning) which was negative.  Right around time period was due had what seemed like period but half the days. ? pregnant or paranoid?