i need to know if i am pregnant or not or at least what the chances are that i am pregnant. my boyfriend and i had sex on the 13th of november 2009 and he came in me two times that night. after i left his house that night my stomach felt a bit queasy and it had bubbly feelings inside my stomach. that next week at school the bubbly feelings continued and whenever i was hungry it was never just a normal hunger. i was always STARVING, i felt like i hadnt eaten for like a day when it was really only like 2 hours. then on the 21st of november 2009 (a week after the first time) we had sex again and he came in me again. i feel a little bit more normal but my stomach on occasion gets those bubbly feelings. im not as hungry as i was the first week. i usually start my period on the 23rd of each month but this month i started on the 28th of november 2009, which made me 5 days late. does this mean im pregnant? or since i started does this mean i am not pregnant.? i am taking a home pregnancy test this weekend (december 4 2009) to know for sure but i would like to know what the chances are that i am pregnant since he came in me 2 weeks ago and 1 week ago before my period..thanks!