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Ok, here it goes. I guess this question is probably just hopeful thinking more than a question because I'm pretty sure the answer is no way lol

The situation is...

I'm not taking any kind of birthcontrol and do not want to get pregnant. Now, I'm not a kid or anything.. Yes, I know all risks of everything.

I however wondered if you have sex and the man finishes inside you, if I were to insert a contraceptive film inside me right AFTER sex, if it would work.

Now, the ONLY reason I ask this or would even think that it may work is rather funny "or naive" or as I said, JUST WISHFUL THINKING %-)

My "friend" isn't that big and doesn't reach inside me very far. (He was actually my first WAY BACK WHEN lol and he didn't pop my cherry.) I was wondering if I put the film inside me afterwards would it kill the sperm or just push it farther in me?

I'm being very silly in not wanting to use foam, gel, or the film "before" because I don't want to TASTE BAD during. I KNOW I KNOW!!

Anyway, if ya'll have input.. I'll take it.. ((Even if it's, ARE YOU STUPID? you know better!!)) :$ :$


It *COULD* be useful, but definitely not something that is very effective.

Why not use PLAN B? It can be taken up to 5 days after sex..

I have had an abortion, it was very easy for me, and know that I will do it again if needed.

I do not know about YOU though, and what your choices would be.

IF you REALLY wanna prevent a pregnancy, take PLAN B. =)


Thank you for your reply... However, I don't feel that an unborn child would deserve abortion due to my stupidity. And if I get pregnant, that WOULD be what this is. I know all the risks going in and would NEVER terminate the pregnancy because of that.

I was just wondering if that would HELP keep the pregnancy from happening.. NOT to "get rid of it" once it had already started the process.

As far as what my situation is..??

It's certainly would not be "easy for me" to have an abortion as you stated it would be for you. :-(