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Hi, My age is 25. One day when I was sleeping and when I woke up I experienced pain in my left became hard and painful , due to which i was unable to walk.But  within a week pain was gone but testicle remained hard.At that time my I was 15.

Slowly its size start decreasing, and now it got almost disappeared.My right testicle is Ok. i read many posts. But I found nothing related about it. As per shrink of testicle, I don't think my testosterone Harmon is affected. 

I am strong, fast. i haven't felt  memory  or any other physical weakness. Neither my sexual desire have been less.

But now as I am at 25, I am conscious about it.  I am terrified now that I couldn't be in a relationship, most probably I can't merry or I can't have children in this case. Did this lead infertility in me. Is there any expert who can tell me why this kind of problem raised,or is there any way that I can find hope.






Hi Guest,

See a urologist NOW.

Having pain then noticing your testicle shrink could indicate that you've experienced testicular torsion.  The blood flow was cut off, the testicle died, and now it's atrophied.

You still have the other testicle.  As long as it is healthy you can father a child and it will maintain hormone levels.

Go see that urologist.

Good luck.