I am a 17 year old Male and i come from a family of males with bad hearts, my grandad, uncle and dad all have different cardiac problems.

i have recently (1month ago) started running every day, i run long and short distances depending on my mood but no matter how far i run and for how long and in what conditions i am facing the same problem.

after less than a minute of running i get a pain in my chest. the pain is sharp and localized to the upper left quarter of my chest. the pain persists until a minute or so after i finish running and then fades and eventually disappears however the same pain comes back a few hours after working out even if i have done nothing but laze around or if i have cleaned the house. its always the same.

the pain is around my left nipple and more than often there is another less sharp pain in my back directly behind the pain in my chest.
i have been told by my family and by doctors to keep a close eye on any possible heart problems although no tests have been run for me.

Thanks for your time and i appreciate all help.