I am so confused and frustrated! I am 13 dpo and having a LOT of pregnancy symptoms, but can't trust them because I am taking 2.5 mgs of Progesterone a day CD 20-CD 30.
Progesterone synthetically can cause a delayed period and pregnancy symptoms- absolutely not the confusion I need right now! Ugh!

So is there any way to know if you are pregnant while on Prometrium? I don't want to spend my entire pay check on pregnancy tests due to all of this confusion, I don't wan't to get my hopes up- but is 2.5 mgs really enough to make symptoms so strong? I see women who take 100 mgs- 400 mgs a day and I only have 2.5. Am I maybe on superman strength progesterone?

Any thoughts? I can't see my doctor for another month and my period isn't due yet, but I'm already expecting it to be late because of the prometrium. HELP!! This is so confusing.