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i'am an 18 year old male (bi) i had an unsafe sex with 2 guys last december 30. before we had sex we drank alcohol first and robust (a brand of male dietary supplement to make the penis hard, its not a viagra, just an over the counter medicine here in the philippines). to explain morev detailed.. i'll name them m1 and m2.. with m1 we both sucked each others penis with m2 we also did the same thing but i inserted my penis on his anal without condoms.

after doing it got so paranoid that i might acquire std or hiv. but i texted them both and they said they're both "nonreactive" with their recent hiv test (before christmas vacation).

right now im not feeling any symptoms of hiv or any std. but of course im still scared that i might have hiv or std..

now my question is.. if they're both "non reactive" with their recent hiv test. do i have chances of developing std/hiv after having sex with them? i mean they might be "non reactive" but isnt possible that they started to develop std/hiv already while having sex with me and eventually passing it to me?

i need your professional replies.. thanks...


Hi Paranoid,

If they don't have HIV then you can't get HIV.  It's as simple as that.

But, there is a lag between when you are exposed and when the tests become accurate.  It can be up to 60-90 days.  Generally, if they test negative 60 days later then they are not infected.  The 90 day test confirms it.

Common early signs of HIV would be flu-like symtpoms and swollen lymph nodes. 

FYI, you aren't likely to contract HIV via oral sex.  Saliva is very good at killing the virus.  You are much more likely to contract HIV via anal sex.  Always use protection.

Hope it helps.



they said they had them selves tested before christmas vacation and we did it, december 30, and again they're "non reactive" to the test. so more likely im safe?

but what if i get a fever after two or so... does that mean im positive?

if we did it at december 30, just to be sure most like when is the best time to get tested?


When testing for HIV, it is usually done at:
1. Exposure - to see if you had it.
2. 30 days after exposure
3. 60 days after exposure - if negative then most likely you are negative.
4. 90 days after exposure - confirms above.

Remember, it can take up to 60 days or so, if they were exposed, for it to become positive. So, basically if they were exposed from October 30 to December 30 then the test may not have reacted yet.


oh i see.. but say for example i had a slight fever and headache days after having an intercourse with them, but i don't have any of the other symptoms (sore throat, diarrhea, etc..) does that mean i got infected or its just a typical fever?


You are looking for "flu-like" symptoms. A headache and minor fever could be anything. They are not specific enough.

If you're in doubt, test.