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Hello All and Thanks in advance

My name is Pete.Im on a low carb ,low fat and low calorie diet. Im trying to find a good meal replacement shake Ive tried whey and i get hungry after an hour or so.Is there a better protein that will keep me satisfied for longer than that.I know that diffrent proteins break down at diffrent rates it seems that whey brakes down fast. If anyone has any advice please post

Abjective: Feel full longer from a shake while not veering from my guidelines

my guidelines are around Calories: 100 Total Fat: 4 gram Total Carbs: 13 grams
that is what im trying to work with

Thank You
very much


you need to have one gram of protein for every pound of your bodyweight. If you really want more details, check this site, for muscle building and fat loss tips, with free copies of ebooks such as turbulence training and tom venuto books.
Thank you

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