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Hey I guess for me I am just skeptical and like anything lady said, everything is sounding pretty the same and that the company could be planting all this positive feedback for us to buy into the program. One thing that bothers me is that they say that there is no more of that low fat, low carb, blah blah, however The meals don't have any carbs except vegetables and that one sandwich one day out of 11 days. so isn't that low carb???
I want to lose weight but really its all food in moderation, and your not going to go through your life not eating whole grains, there good for you for a reason right?


yeah exactly they say it's NOT a low carb diet and no more calorie counting(I didn't think they were that serious)
and it's about eating at different times and shifting the way you eat around... I'm an id**t for buying this diet! :$
How could someone like me fall for this?
Here is what the id**t proof diet is
Low carb --and we know that's bad for our bodies and bad for our organs and nobody can eat like that forever so even if it works it will be water weight loss and precious muscle tissue!
It is High fat--I never understood this Atkins c**p. You want to lose weight so go eat fat but avoid the carbs...riiiight
It is high calories!!!
I actually entered the calories off one of the days into an online calorie counter out of curiosity to see figuring the calories will total top a low calorie diet well I'm shocked at how high the calories are!! I mean I odn't want to eat THAT many calories because I will gain weight if I do--the caloric intake for that day would be 3000 Calories!! o.O
Hello if you wnat to lose 1 pound of fat you have to create a caloric deficit of 3500 calories and if you want to gain one pound of fat you eat 3500 calories so what will I gain if I actually put the foods listed on that day into my body?! Almost 1 pound.

Listen after looking at this program I gladly cut my loss of 40 dollars and simply go on a low fat calorie reduced diet and lose 10 pounds safely and slowly. I don't need to gamble putting on 10 pounds on what I'm sure is a scam. How come we can't contact anyone there or refund the diet?
Just think before you buy people because I sure feel like an id**t.