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I am wantingn to take some diet pills.  My boyfriend said I better ask someone about it  because of my diabetes, I should be careful with weight loss pills.  What are some good weight loss pills that I can take with my being diabetic?  I was thinking of something with a stimulant in it.  Thank you so much!


Hello, Guest.  So you want to lose weight by taking weight loss pills?  What do you think the diet pills will do for you?  Are you hoping that they will make you more energetic? You have to be careful of those types of weight loss pills, because they will cause your heart to race and raise your blood pressure.  If you already have high blood pressure or heart issues, you will not want to take these kind of pills.  I don't think there are any diet pills especially for diabetics.  You will need to be cautious just like everyone else when choosing a weight loss pill.  You will find that many tote benefits of increased metabolism, melting fat, and losing weight without much effort.  Don't fall for these exaggerations.  You are really better off not taking these pills since you can lose weight without them.  The best thing to do is following the diabetic meal plan.  Eat the right foods and stay away from junk food.  If you practice eating low-fat, you will control your calories easily.  Fat contains more calories than protein and carbs so cutting back on fat won't mean cutting back on food.  This would be the healthiest approach. 

I would like to hear from other diabetics who have tried diet pills.  Have you successfully lost weight when using weight loss pills? Has anyone found that they did not help them lose weight?  Did you have any bad side effects from taking them?